Healing Modalities


Personal Healing

My name is Paul Aryeh, I was trained as a Master Healer by the late saint Sri Kaleshwar. As a "healer" what we do is to help our clients reconnect to the cosmic source. Through an energy mechanism there is a direct opening of the client to the highly intelligent consciousness within you. 


Meditation is the root of our inner work we talk about. Mindful meditation, introspection and learning how to connect to a higher vibration is key. When we meditate we are connecting our soul source to the cosmic intelligence. We are recharging our internal batteries and simlultaneously releasing out the unwanted traps and blocks that prevent our growth.

Commitment to Discipline

As a client we work with you hand in hand to  show the path to change. Step by step we identify the areas you want to change and transform.

Measurable Results

Our techniques show results. It takes time and patience but you will see changes in your attitude, perspective and awareness. Practice and patience are key to allow the healing work to take root and bear fruit.


Healing 1


"The energy was really amazing. I never felt so much energy before. It really opened up my heart chakra and third eye. "

Healing 2


"I wanted to find love in some relationship. I figured I would try his womb chakra healing series. Within 2 months after completing that series, I found the love of my life. Amazing!"

Healing 3


"I felt so much peace after the healing work. My mind was just so calm and now I just love it. I make sure that I spend at least 15 mins in the morning before I go to work to just center myself".

Healing 4


"I did the 9 womb chakra healing series and it really changed my life. I mean really.....I love my job and I found a great guy that we will wind up getting married. Life still has its challenges, but I don't get that affected like I use to."

Healing 5


"In the initial healings there was a rush of energy. For weeks my life was turbulent; Paul said it was gonna be like that, but then things settled down. Learned a lot during these sessions. The tools made a lot of sense. Thanks!"

Healing 6


Would recommend it to everyone. It's really an eye opener to hear what was said. "

Truth & Spirituality

A talk about truth & spirituality at the spiritual center of Sri Kaleshwar in India 2016.

Retreat Seminar - True Healing

During a seminar workshop in Joshua Tree, a direct experience of the healing.

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