Healing Mechanisms

Discussion on the mechanisms of healing. 

Corporate Transformation: New paradigm shift to a thriving company

Principles of Corporate Transformation: Moving from a fear based organization to a wholistic, healthy & thriving company

Science & Spirituality

Great discussion about the similarities between Science and Spirituality.

Empowering People

An opportunity at Sustainatopia Conference to share technology of empowerment to organizations

Being Happy: Process of Meditation

How being happy is important in our lives and using meditation to help us.

Karma: Getting thru it

How do we get rid of our karma that binds us so tightly?

Kama Attraction and Relationships

How kama attraction energy misguides us and creates heartbreak. Coming from a strong heart and developing discrimination is key to winning in your relationship.

Boundaries & Discernment

Spirituality doesn't mean that you ignore your personal responsibilities and dharma in life. 

Avatars, Yogis & Siddhas

What are the differences between an Avatar, Yogi and Siddhas?

Enlightenment & Dharma

what is enlightenment and how does that relate to our dharma.

Bhaktifest - Healing Seminar

We attended a weekend in Joshua tree where we conducted a seminar on healing and personal transformation.